Why Apple?

Recently I was asked why do I promote Apple and wear a jacket with the famous Apple logo on it.

I suppose the simple answer to that is that everything just works so well together if you buy in to Apple’s Walled Garden.

I call it a Walled Garden because Apple protects you. Consider,  the Mac OS gives you the control, which you can override, to only install Apps that either come from the Mac App Store only and thus have been vetted by Apple for safety, or that come from the Mac App Store and developers that have been approved by Apple. On iOS devices, Apps are sandboxed which means that Apps cannot interfere with other Apps thereby creating a Malware situation.

On the Android side, any App can be put into the Google Play store without review and so the potential for harm is much greater.

Apple releases its operating systems free of charge and so makes updating to the latest versions a no brainer. Most Apple devices run on the latest OS’s as long as the hardware is relatively recent. Android devices  may be running on a variety of different flavours of Android and many devices cannot run the latest versions due to hardware restrictions. Also each manufacturer – Samsung, HTC etc – personalise Android to their own specs thereby further complicating matters.

The biggest issue people have is with cost. Apple devices do cost more than the competitors’ devices. A Mercedes costs more than a Ford Focus. It’s that simple. Apple hardware is so well made that buying their products may result in a higher up front cost but over time that you own them the cost will seem to be more reasonable. Apple devices last a long time.

I haven’t mentioned Microsoft. Principally because their devices are hopeless in my opinion. Windows 8 is a whole lot of hurt on a PC and those people whom I know who have bought a new PC have disliked it enormously. PCs are priced to sell so they contain cheap parts and have to have so much Virus and Malware protection that the whole experience is frankly ghastly. Perhaps it works on a tablet better, but I do feel it is a bad also ran when compared to iOS or Android devices. Its principal selling point according to the latest Microsoft TV ad is that it runs Office (Word, Excel) and has Flipboard. Those are not exactly big claims to make. Office is no longer a requirement to most users as there are plenty of comparable products that cost far less or are free than the bloat that comes with Word. It is true to say that Excel is in a class of its own but only certain people need that kind of power.

Finally, if you are moving from Windows to Apple there is not a long learning curve. It really is so simple. In fact there is more of a learning curve moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8.


  1. I feel in 2014 computing should no longer be a tedious experience as I do believe it is with Microsoft. This may change with the departure of Steve Ballmer whose failures have been extensive – Zune, Windows Vista, the Kin mobile phone, the Courier tablet etc.

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